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FAQS-back up


  • 1. Why sign up membership?

  • 2. How to Sign up or Log in membership?

  • 3. Forgot your password?

  • 4. How to subscribe Newsletter?

  • We highly recommend customer to sign up our membership for better shopping experience, you can track order information and shipping status at account page. To encourage our customers, MMWardrobe offer Usd15.00 off for first sign up members!  | Sign up now! | 

  • You can find the "Acount" at the top right of page, and then click "Sign up", fill in your E-mail and set up your password

    You can find the "Acount" at the top right of page, and then click "log in", fill in your E-mail and password.

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  • Go to "Acount" at the top right of page, at the "log in" page, you can find "forgot password", click the link and fill in your E-mail, system will send you verification to your E-mail. Follow the instruction to reset your password.

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  • Subscribe MMWardrobe's newsletter to follow our new products, sales activity and more events...

    Type in your E-mail at the bottom right page where the subscribe column, and click "subscribe button.

    You can unsubscribe anytime, at the bottom section of our newsletter, find and click the "unsubscribe" link, fill in your E-mail and informations. System will automatically take you off the list.

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Shopping at MMWardrobe

  • 1. Do you have to be a member to shop at MMWardrobe?

  • 2. How to check my order status?

  • 3. Do I have to pay for shipping?

  • 4. Can I change size/color or made modification after order complete?

  • 5. How to change shipping address after order complete?

  • It is not necessary to be a member to shop at MMWardrobe, however, we highly recommend you to sign up membership for better shopping experience.  | Sign up now! | 

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  • Go to "Acount" at the top right of the page and click "log in", after you fill in your E-mail and password you can log into your account page.
    Your informations and order status will be shown at account page, you can edit your address info anytime.

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  • Yes! There's a shipping cost for all orders, but we offer free shipping if single order meets certain amounts, and the amount will be vary depends on shipping Coutnry | area. Click below Country or Area for details

    • United States, Canada, Mexico & England
    • Taiwan
    • Hong Kong, Macau & China
    • Japan
    • Southeast Asia, South Korea & India
    • All Other Country
    • Free shipping on Usd200 Order, for order under Usd200, a flat rate of Usd15.00 shipping will be charged

    • Free shipping on Usd35 Order, for order under Usd35, a flat rate of Usd3.00 shipping will be charged

    • Free shipping on Usd100 Order, for order under Usd100, a flat rate of Usd5.00 shipping will be charged

    • Free shipping on Usd100 Order, for order under Usd100, a flat rate of Usd7.00 shipping will be charged

    • Free shipping on Usd200 Order, for order under Usd200, a flat rate of Usd10.00 shipping will be charged

    • Free shipping on Usd200 Order, for order under Usd200, a flat rate of Usd30.00 shipping will be charged

    *Please note that free shipping order amount is base on single order, can not combine order amount.

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  • We do not accept order modifications, we suggest you cancel the order and made a new order purchase, it will be much faster and easier.

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  • Orders are handle by system automatically, normally orders are packed and send out the following day of purchase. If you wish to change shipping address, please kindly E-mail us your new shipping address, we will get back to you with details status within 24 hour.

    If order have not send out, we shall made the change without further shipping delay.

    If order is already send out, we will have to contact courier company such as DHL for special request. This will have extra days of delay.

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Payment | Shipping

  • 1. How can I pay besides credit cards?

  • 2. Is there store credit?

  • 3. When can I received my orders?

  • 4. How to track shipping status?

  • MMWardrobe accepts credit cards and Paypal for payment options.
    If you have discount codes, please kindly input the codes at check out page to redeem your discounts.

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  • MMWardrobe does not hold any valuable or cash equivalents credit for customer.
    Discounts codes from MMWardrobe can only redeem on purchases, can not be cash out.

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  • Normally, orders should be deliver within 7 working days. System handling the orders automatically, and our warehouse send out package on following day of purchasing date. We are using DHL and OCS for worldwide shipping, you can track the shipping status anytime. It's fast and easy.
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  • There'll be tracking number in the shipping confirmation E-mail, or you can long into your account for shipping information.
    Please go to assigned courier company's website and enter tracking number for status.
    We are using DHL or OCS, have your tracking number ready and check on-line!

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Return | Refund

  • 1. Things that I should know before return?

  • 2. How to return?

  • 3. How long does it takes for refund?

  • MMWardrobe does not cover return shipping, customer will be responsible for return shipping cost.
    It is not necessary to use same courier (DHL) for return, we suggest using post office economical service.
    But please make sure to E-mail us your return shipping details and information for tracking purpose.
    After return items were received and evaluated, we will proceed refund actions.

    Pleased note that MMWardrode will not accept return product on below conditions,
    1. Product is worn, contain visible stain, residue or body odor.
    2. Product should include all original accessories and promotional gift items.
    3. Product should have all original tags and labels attached and intact.
    4. Product have not been washed/altered/embroidered or otherwise treated.
    *If return product occur to have any above conditions, the return will be deny! MMWardrobe will not be responsible for send back shipping*

    Please note that if return product contains discount pairing items, the price will became full price.
    (Example 1.)
    Item A. Original price as Usd60.00
    Item B. Original price as Usd40.00
    Discount pairing, buy 2 for Usd75.00.
    If return item B. the discount will no longer valid, so the refund amount will be Usd75.00-Usd60.00= Usd15.00

    When order amount after deduct return product's price became under shipping requirement.
    The free shipping benefit will no longer valid and there'll be shipping charge add on to the bill.
    (Example 1.)
    Item A. Price as Usd150.00
    Item B. Price as Usd60.00
    Order amount as Usd210.00 enjoy free shipping to U.S. (require Usd200.00 order)
    If return item B. the free shipping is no longer valid and there will be Usd15.00 shipping charge add to the bill.
    The refund amount will be Usd210.00 - Usd150.00 - Usd15.00 = Usd45.00

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  • Please fill out the return form and send out on-line. We will contact you within 24 hour to follow up your return request.
    Customer will send out the return product with our instructions.
    The return products will be evaluated once arrive MMWardrobe warehouse before refund process.

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  • When return product reaches our warehouse, it will be evaluated immediately.
    After evaluation, we will send you a notification e-mail for the refund status.
    Refund amount will be made on the following working day to original purchasing credit card account.
    Normally, it takes 5~7 working days for bank transaction.

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  • 1. How to choose my size?

  • 2. What if the product does not fit me?

  • If you know your body measurements, you can simply find your size from our size guide.
    In case you don't know your measurements, please kindly go to how to measure my size.
    Sometimes the fitting maybe slightly different due to different design.

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  • If purchased product does not fit well on you, or you would like to change for different sizes.
    Please kindly return the product and made another new purchase, it's much faster and easier.
    You can refer to How to return.

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Discount Codes

  • 1. Where can I get discount codes?

  • 2. How to use discount codes?

  • MMWardrobe will announce discount codes time to time,
    Sometime it's announce on our MMWardrobe website, sometimes on our Facebook page, and sometimes sent out newsletter to our members.
    You can subscribe to our newsletter for most update information! Just go to the bottom right of every page on our website, simply type in your e-mail!

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  • At the check out page, there's a column indicate "Have a discount code? Click here to enter it >" simply input discount code at the column.
    Make sure you've read and understand the terms and requirements for the discount codes you're about to use.

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