MMWardrobe Order Cancellation - 摩搭衣櫥|Modern Modular Wardrobe

Order Cancellation

In case of miss place an order, please kindly cancel the order and place a new order immediately.

  • Please note that order are handling via system automatically, and there's chances that the order might have already send out.
  • If you are our member, you can log in to your account and go to order details and check the shipment status.
  • If you're not our member, please check your mail and see if you receive our shipment notifications

How to cancel an order?

  • Simply fill out the Order Cancelation Form with all informations, and we will take care from here.
  • Order cancel confirmation will be sent once it's been handle.
If there's any question or problem, please feel free to contact us via below:

Tel: +886 2 2559 8505
Office Hour: Monday to Friday
10:00AM ~ 12:30PM | 13:30PM ~ 17:00PM CST.