About - 摩搭衣櫥|Modern Modular Wardrobe


Our Inspiration

Modern Modular Wardrobe is inspired by urban life experiences of being constantly on the clock:

commuting, attending to different events, and committing to daily responsibilities.  

This is why we came up with an idea by structuring our products the modular way.

From fabric selection to design, we create our garments to fit in transitions between work, leisure, and social gathers.



Who We Are

A Team of urban dwellers who worship convenience.

From Vancouver to New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo to Taipei, more than a decade spent in textile, fabrics, and garments.


Having widened our horizons, we decided to bring together the wisdom of the old and the innovation of the new.

Our new journey begins with a simple idea to integrate the knowledge acquired through traditional manufacturing

while we select and coordinate premium partners to create garments that we are proud to call our own.

We love what we do, and we are motivated by the small yet gradual progress made each day.




What We Do


With decades of expertise in fabrics and textiles,

We know when a piece of fabric is dressy enough for formal occasions while being interchangeable to continue your post-work ventures.


Coordinating and working with multi national team,

We add value at every stage, accomplish our blue print to our products.


Having designed our items with versatile detailing for multi occasional outfits,

We most definitely know how a day’s time isn’t nearly enough and you have so many places to be and so many roles to play in one day.


so here it is.

seize it.

and go get the world.